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Nepal is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of bio - diversity due to its unique geographical position and latitude variation. The elevation of the country ranges from 60 meter above sea level to the highest point on earth, Mt. Everest at 8848 meter, all within a distance of 150 kilometers resulting into climatic conditions from sub - tropical to Arctic.

Area                     : 147, 181 sq. km.

Location              : China in the north & India in the south, east & west.

Capital                 : Kathmandu.

Population         : 26.49 million

People                 : More than 125 ethnic groups & 123 spoken languages.

Religion               : Nepal is a secular state with a pre-dominance of Hindu & Buddhist population.

Currency             : Nepali Rupee.

Political system : Federal Democratic republic.

Climate                : Four Major seasons -

                                             Winter: December, January, February.

                                             Spring: March, April, May.

                                             Summer: June, July, August.

                                             Autumn: September, October, November

Monsoons are from June till mid September. Nepal can be visited the whole year round no off season.

Nepal Occupying

Ø  0.1% of the total landmass of the earth.

Ø  2% of the all flowering plants in the world.

Ø  8% of the world's population of birds(more than 848 species).

Ø  4% of mammals on earth.

Ø  11 of the world's  15 families of butterflies(more than 500 species).

Ø  319 species of exotic orchids.

Ø  600 indigenous plant families.

Entry Procedures

Visa: A valid passport and one passport size photo with a light background. Visa can be obtained only through payment of cash in the following currency :- Euro, Swiss Franc, Pound Sterling, US dollar, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Hong - Kong dollar, Singapore dollar & Japanese Yen.

Credit Card, Indian Currency, or Nepalese currency are not accepted for payment of Visa fee.

1. Tourist Visa(Fee)

Visa Facility                                      Duration                                            Fees

 Multiple entry                                  15 days                                              25 US $

Multiple entry                                   30 days                                              40 US $

 Multiple entry                                  90 days                                              100 US $

2. Gratis (Free) Visa

First visit in one Visa year ( January - December), gratis Visa for 30 days is available only for nationals of South Asian Countries (Bangladesh,  Bhutan, Maldives, Pakistan & Sri Lanka).

Indian Nationals do not require visa to inter into Nepal.

Nationals of the following countries will not get Visa on arrival at the immigration entry points of Nepal:

1. Nigeria, 2. Ghana, 3. Zimbabwe, 4. Swaziland, 5. Cameroon, 6. Somalia, 7. Liberia, 8. Ethiopia, 9. Iraq, 10. Palestine, 11. Afghanistan.

Indian Nationals:

As per the Nepalese Immigration, Indian Nationals travelling to Nepal must possess any one of the following documents -

a. Passport

b. Driving License with photo

c. Photo Identity card issued by a(Central / State) Government agency.

d. Ration Card with photo.

e. Voter card / Election commission card with photo.

f. Identity card issued by Embassy of India in Nepal(Kathmandu).

g. Identity card with photo issued by Sub - Divisional Magistrate or any other officials above his rank.

 Access to Nepal:


From India 

By Land: All guest coming from India t o Nepal by land can enter through any of these entry points


 India - Nepal border


Distance(from Nepal border)


Assess to


1. Panitanki, (India) / Kakarvitta (Nepal) - Eastern Border to


Nearest airport (Nepal) -  Bhadrapur        

Nearest City (India) - Siliguri                        

Nearest Rail station (Indian) - NJP             

Nearest Airport (India) - Bagdogra                                          


610 kilometers

22 kilometers

34 Kilometers

46 Kilometers

20 Kilometers


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

2. Jogbani(India)/ Biratnagar (Nepal) - to                           


Nearest airport (Nepal) -  Biratnagar        

Nearest City (India) - Jogbani                      

Nearest Rail station (Indian) - Jogbani      


550 kilometers

10 kilometers

100 meters

150 meters


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

3. Raxaul(India) / Birgunj (Nepal) - to                                  


Nearest airport (Nepal) -  Simara

Nearest City (India) - Raxaul                       

Nearest Rail station (Indian) - Raxaul        


280 kilometers

25 kilometers

03 kilometers

05 kilometers


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

4. Sonauli (India) / Bhairahawa (Nepal)  - to                      


Nearest airport (Nepal) -  Bhairahawa      

Nearest City (India) - Gorakhpur                

Nearest Rail station (Indian) -

Nearest Airport (India) - Lucknow              


286 kilometers

06 kilometers

98 Kilometers

98 Kilometers

386 Kilometers


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

5. Rupaidiya (India) / Jamuna, Nepalgunj - (Nepal) - to  


Nearest Airport (Nepal) -  Nepalgunj         

Nearest City (India) - Lucknow                   

Nearest Rail station(Indian) - Rupaidiya

Nearest Airport (India) - Lucknow              


520 kilometers

13 kilometers

192 Kilometers

5 Kilometers

192 Kilometers


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

  6. Gaurifanta (India) / Mohana, Dhangadi (Nepal) - to 


Nearest Airport (Nepal) -  Dhangadi          

Nearest Market (India) - Gaurifanta          

Nearest Rail station (Indian) -Gaurifanta


665 kilometers

09 kilometers

06 Kilometers



By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

7. Banbasa (India) / Gadda Chauki, Mahendranagar (Nepal)


Nearest Airport(Nepal) - Mahendranagar

Nearest Market (India) - Banbasa              

Nearest Rail station (Indian) - Banbasa    


715 kilometers

04 kilometers

06 Kilometers

06 Kilometers


By Road

By Road

By Road

By Road

From Tibet, China           

By Land: All guest coming from Tibet, China to Nepal by land can enter through any of these entry points

Tibet, China - Nepal border                                                        Distance(from Nepal border)        Assess to

1. Khasa, Liping (Tibet, China) / Tatopani (Nepal)                                           

 Kathmandu                                                                                                  114 kilometers                  By Road


From these country cities connected to Kathmandu (Nepal) directly by air.

INDIA - Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, Mumbai & Varanasi.MALAYSIA - Kula Lumpur.SAUDI ARABIA - Dubai, Sarjah.THAILAND - Bangkok.QATAR - Doha.CHINA - Lhasa, Chengdu, Guanzhu, Hong Kong.BHUTAN - Paro.UAE - Abu Dhabi, Ras al - Khaimah. KOREA - Seoul.OMAN - Muscat.PAKISTAN - Karachi, Islamabad.SINGAPORE - Singapore.BANGLADESH - Dhaka.


All baggage must be declared and cleared through the customs on arrival at the entry.


Foreign currencies must be exchanged only through the Bank or authorized foreign exchange dealers.


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